Tasting notes

Of a deep emerald colour, La Mentherie Mint Liqueur delivers freshly infused peppermint aromas. The creeping snowberry reveals itself on the finish bringing a delicate boreal menthol finale.

Serving suggestions

La Mentherie can be served on ice or in a cocktail. Garnish with lime, lemon or even cucumber.

Crafted locally

La Mentherie is made with Canadian ingredients like fresh mint and creeping snowberry. Creeping snowberry is native to North America and a cousin of Labrador tea, which is one of the six botanicals used to craft our famous Ungava Gin!

La Mentherie

A fresh breath of mint

La Mentherie crème de menthe is an entry into the world of mint, a festive and refreshing universe, steeped in stories and little magical moments that are good to share.

With its unique aromatic signature and subtle creeping snowberry aroma, La Mentherie brings a breath of fresh air that rises above traditional mint liquors.

Cocktails based on La Mentherie

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