Tasting Notes

NOSE: The nose immediately surprises us on a subtle, tangy raspberry fragrance bringing to mind a basket of freshly picked berries. The background aromas hint at freshly infused tea.
MOUTH: The palate covers fine flavours of bark, small fruits, and spices culminating in pleasant, earthy notes.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy it straight on the rocks or add it to distinctive spirits to elevate your cocktails. Delicious in a Spritz Negroni with Ungava Gin.

23 Natural plants from Quebec

Kayak red vermouth is a liquid testimony of a breeze carrying the country’s multiple seasonal perfumes. Its rustic taste is influenced by the 23 regional botanicals that make it up, including wormwood, a key ingredient of herbal liquors and absinthes.

Kayak Red Vermouth

Elevate your cocktails!

Bring out the best in your cocktails with Kayak, a premium vermouth using an exquisite selection of 100% natural handpicked indigenous Quebec botanicals. Kayak red vermouth features a distinctive sweetness and its unique signature aromas caress us with every sip.

Worldwide distinctions

Cocktails based on Kayak Red Vermouth

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