Microdistilled and cryogenically treated

Our Vodka begins with the careful selection of 100% Canadian corn. It is micro-distilled five times cryogenically treated and micro-filtered to achieve a silky finesse and crystalline purity.

Serving Suggestions

Serve on its own or in a classic or modern cocktail such as Vesper Martini.

Pure elegance

Its smooth texture and delicate taste are reflected in its elegant bottle design.

Quartz Vodka

Born from extreme cold

Quartz vodka is purified through cryo-treatment, a treatment by extreme cold temperatures which removes impurities and gives it a unique level of finesse. Its purity and refinement have been acclaimed multiple times in prestigious tasting competitions. It is a true embodiment of the beauty and purity of Quebec’s landscapes.

Worldwide distinctions

Cocktails based on Quartz Vodka

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