Tasting Notes

COLOUR: The vibrant colour comes from the post-distillation maceration of the rare botanicals, in particular, the wild rose hips and cloudberry.
NOSE: The Nordic juniper expresses its citrusy character with verve.
MOUTH: It reveals a style that is both lively and smooth, fresh and floral. It displays the fruity and lightly acidic notes of crowberry and wild rose hips. Labrador tea adds velvety smoothness to give length to the harmonious mix.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy on the rocks, alone, or in the Ungava Tonic, a signature cocktail with tonic water and a wedge of grapefruit.

A selection of six rare botanicals

Arctic Blend
Labrador Tea
Nordic Juniper
Wild Rose Hips

Ungava Gin

Naturally Unexpected

It’s the unexpected that gives life its true colour. Instead of going back to the predictable or the historical, we looked to nature to inspire and surprise us. The result is a gin unlike any other – crafted only from native Canadian botanicals that give Ungava its signature colour and unmatched flavour. Consider it a reward for the senses for those who embrace what lies beyond the usual: a gin as versatile as it is unexpected – one that stands up to superior cocktails and stands out wherever it’s served. Naturally.

Worldwide distinctions

Cocktails based on Ungava Gin