Tasting Notes

NOSE: Featuring the sweet scents of Quebec’s glades Kayak white vermouth’s first nose is round and floral which comes from smooth rose, sea buckthorn, downy serviceberry, and elderberry.
MOUTH: The crisp mouthfeel has clear, dominant floral notes of willowherb and goldenrod. The flavour evolves with a boreal dimension of pine and hemlock to end with soothing finish of herbal notes including valerian and wormwood, traditionally a key ingredient in absinthe.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy it straight on the rocks or add it to distinctive spirits to elevate your cocktails such as in a delicious Ungava Martini!

Kayak White Vermouth

Elevate your cocktails!

Crafted with an all-natural, handpicked bouquet of 19 botanicals native to Quebec, Kayak white vermouth takes its inspiration from the traditional approach to dry vermouth. This accessible vermouth showcases notes of local Quebec herbs with a floral and herbaceous finish.

Worldwide distinctions

Cocktails based on Kayak White Vermouth

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